Monday, February 1, 2010

Sorry, Late again!

I apologize for my tardiness as of late, taking care of Lucy has become a full-time job! (if you didn't read my post from before; Lucy is my 10 month old golden who had hip replacement surgery 2 weeks ago) Anyway, I will try to be more prompt with my posts in the future.

Over the next few days I hope to post my Éclair recipe, as well as some new dinner recipes.

Also I will be adding a new category of posts to my blog: Gardening. As I have said before: good ingredients equals good food. There really is no better way to get good produce than to grow it yourself. This year I will be starting all of my plants from seeds (a first for me!). And I will document everything from my garden planning, to planting, to (hopefully) good recipes for all of my herbs and veggies. Wish me luck!