Tuesday, January 5, 2010


As this is a new blog I feel that I should start by introducing myself:

My name is Megan and I will have been diagnosed with Celiac disease for five years this coming February. Of course having Celiac Disease means that I must stick to a strict Gluten-Free diet. Now if you have to stick to a Gluten-Free diet, or if you know someone who does; then you already know how difficult and restrictive a GF diet can be. In my case to further compound the situation, I also have to avoid rice as well as wheat, rye, and barley. And since I am adopted I am the only one in my family as well as extended family who has to abide by the tyrannical restrictions of Gluten-free life. But a few years ago I decided that I had had enough of salads and steak and that I was sick and tired of eating crackers that tasted like cardboard and cookies that tasted as though they were made of plaster. So I packed the fifty or so Gluten-Free Cookbooks that I had obtained away and set out to forge my own culinary path. I forgot all of the rules and began to make my own, and in so doing began to make food that everyone could enjoy.

Now it is 2010 and I have decided to start this New Year right by sharing the best of my (gluten-free) recipes with you. And I will start with some of my favorite recipes from one of my favorite times of year: NFL PLAYOFFS! With my Ravens advancing (at least one more game!) I will be posting Football Party Food all week long. So invite you and both your 'GF' and non-'GF' friends, get out your favorite jerseys (52-RAY LEWIS - if you have any sense!), and let's get ready to kick-off the new year right.

If you want more information on what a Celiac Disease is and/or what a Gluten-Free diet entails please see my upcoming post Celiac What is That? or go to http://www.celaic.org/ or www.celiac.com. Also if you want to view information on Gluten-Free ingredients and where to get them please view my other upcoming post Good Ingredients = Good Food.

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