Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So Are Ya Ready For Some FOOTBALLL!

Although I have yet to decide what to serve this weekend for the Raven / Patriot game; I do have some basic rules that I always follow when planning a football party. First any food that I serve must of course taste great, but it must also be simple and fast to prepare, or be able to make it ahead of time. This is mostly because I love football and I don't want to miss a minute of it, but even if you don't like football you will still enjoy these simple and easy recipes that will allow you to spend time with your guests. The first recipe here is my version of Springfield Chili that has just a hint of tomato and a rich meaty flavor that is not overwhelmingly hot (of course you can make it as hot as you desire). The second recipe is for a sweet Gluten-Free version of Double Corn Muffins, that taste great with chili and even taste great on their own. And I promise you that no one will ever guess that they are gluten-free! Both recipes can be made ahead of time either 'the morning of' or the night before, then reheated just prior to serving. So enjoy!

P.S. - I am posting each recipe seperately so that they will be easier to access!

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