Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jan. 19th 2010

First, I feel I must apologize for neglecting my posts as of late.

Yesterday my 10 month old puppy (Lucy) had hip replacement surgery. You see we discovered last month that she had developed severe hip dysplasia (a genetic disorder that is not uncommon in even the best bred Golden Retrievers). It quickly became evident that without surgery her life would not only have been full of pain and discomfort, but that her life expectancy would most likely have been drastically reduced. Even so it was really hard to put her through this.

Thankfully the surgery seems to have been a success. I brought her home today and right now she is sleeping off her tranquilizer. Still watching her sleep with a 6 inch line of staples in her side just about breaks my heart. So please keep your fingers crossed for her and let's pray that she and I survive the 3 month recovery process!

I promise to try to be more consistent with my posting in the future. In fact I will probably be posting some new recipes tomorrow. Anyway, thank you for your patience!

(caught sleeping on the couch!)

(waiting for Grandma to come home!)

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